Sarah Kalani

Art & Design


Sarah Kalani resides and works in Charleston, SC. She received a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in 2008, and during that also studied for a semester in Hawaii. Since then she has enjoyed the inspirations provided.

Everyday we are bombarded with scenes and images that we are immune to noticing. Ones that are so regular in our everyday lives that we do not process them long enough to remember. Kalani is a true believer in the beauty overlooked.


Her most recent obsession is the the common juxtaposition of nature and formations man-made. Frequently in the Lowcountry, we see palmetto trees, oak trees, pine trees, marsh, river, beach, etc., but we also see bridges, buildings, power lines, street lamps, fire hydrants, roads, buses etc. Although, they have their stark differences, they are both necessary in our urban existence and worthy of glorification.

Although this is Kalani’s most recent exploration, whether its a landscape,a figure in space, or just something else, all of her paintings are projected under a unique light. Her use of vastly vibrant colors, exaggerated expressive shapes, and her deliberately desolate depiction of space are often seen on her painted surfaces. Her works are sure to satisfy one’s sense of familiarity, but then ending with a refreshing representation.